The Saturday morning West African djembe drumming class is aimed at those drummers who have some experience in basic technique of drumming or some musical experience. If you are a beginner, and have never played a drum or any musical instrument, then please contact Nigel for advice. In particular, I may not have a spare drum, unless you contact me first.

If you are rhythmically, or musically challenged, then there are other classes available in the area which are aimed at beginners, but if you are quick to pick things up, or if you have a musical background, or have done other forms of percussion, then you should be OK. Again, if you are not sure, speak to Nigel (contact details are available on the 'Contact' page).

West African djembe/dundun classes are currently scheduled to take place on Saturday mornings (except when full-day workshops are organised). These classes are aimed at both adults and children across the Black Country and Birmingham, although they are more suited to adults, based on the regular attendees that we have.

Classes will normally start at 10.15am and go on until 1.15pm (maybe even 1.30pm, and occasionally, later still) and will cost £5 for adults (£3 for children, if they are 17-and-under). The first 30-45 mins is aimed at less experienced drummers where there will be some in-depth tuition on technique as well as being able to play rhythms at a slower pace. Later on in the morning, the pace picks up significantly and this part of the class is aimed at the better drummers who are able to drum faster and to handle more complex material.

All classes will be held at Halesowen Athletic & Cycling Club (HACC), Manor Way, Halesowen B62 8RW, UNLESS otherwise specified

Classes for 2019

27th Jul - Djembe/dundun

3rd Aug - No class
10th Aug - No class
17th Aug - No class (Djemboree Festival)
24th Aug - No class
31st Aug - No class

7th Sep - No class
14th Sep - Djembe/dundun
21st Sep - Djembe/dundun
28th Sep - Djembe/dundun

5th Oct - Djembe/dundun
12th Oct - Djembe/dundun
19th Oct - Djembe/dundun
26th Oct - No class (LickeyFest)

2nd Nov - Djembe/dundun
9th Nov - Djembe/dundun
16th Nov - Djembe/dundun
23rd Nov - Djembe/dundun
30th Nov - Djembe/dundun

7th Dec - Djembe/dundun
14th Dec - Djembe/dundun
21st Dec - Djembe/dundun
28th Dec - Djembe/dundun
Note - If there is no class on a particular week, it is because there might be a workshop or festival (such as World Music Workshop Festival (WMWF), or Hans Camp, or Djemboree) or we are taking a holiday break (usually the month of August, plus Christmas/New Year and Easter).