Drums Aloud History

This project came about when Nigel Sadler and Mike Tinsley met up with the Caslon Community team, as all three parties were interested in developing a community drumming project in the Birmingham/Black Coutry region. In January 2007, the preparation began and the bid was submitted to Awards for All in May 2007 and the grant of £9,500 was awarded in July 2007. As a result, the organisers behind this project were able to bring West African djembe & sabar drumming to the Black Country & Birmingham, but primarily centred around Halesowen in the West Midlands.

This funding was used to establish West African djembe & sabar drumming classes by allowing classes to be subsidised and to cover venue hire costs. It also ensured that, initially, we had sufficient instruments, for a class of at least 18 people. These include djembes, dunduns, sabars, krins and a range of other percussion instruments.

Drums Aloud administration

Drums Aloud is administered by

  • Nigel Sadler who has been involved with charity work in the Gambia (WYCE), and is a very active member of the African drumming community, organising and performing at West African drumming events.

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Awards for All